Dismal, yes. Scientific dissent? Not so much

One might think, judging from the BBC headline — “Dissent among scientists over key climate impact report” — about the coming new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that there is great controversy and disagreement among the hundreds of contributing scientist-authors over the report’s conclusions.

One would be wrong.

After noting that “some attendees” say the climate summary is “too alarmist,” the article goes on to quote one — yes, one — source who actually makes that claim. And that source is … an expert on climate modeling? An atmospheric science specialist? A paleoclimatologist?

No. The dissenting source is … wait for it … an economist.

If economics has done quite a bit since the global economic meltdown, rising inequality and the embrace of austerity to earn its reputation as the “dismal science,” responsible journalism — clearly — isn’t far behind.


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